The act of painting is a enriching and a soulful process, a non-verbal and visual means of communicating with the subconscious. Painting allows us to totally get absorbed with our inner-being, where we can withdraw from the world and connect with the unconscious. Our hidden self. 

Over time, my art has been a therapeutical journey for the mind and the soul. My artistic impetus has been influenced by  the Northern Romantic painters, Caspar David Friedrich’s soulful sublime images and J.W.M Turner’s Thespian, dramatic semi-abstract contrasting darks hues against luminous tones that imbue emotions. Both sway between sublimity, serenity and awe-inspiring beauty. Similarly, Rothko’s ethereal canvases evoke a spirituality through mysterious broken blocks of colour and luminous layers of light that weaves in and out of the gaps, offering the viewer an experience of transcendence.

My  Indian heritage and Africa birthplace have influenced my painting from a deeper space within.

For last twenty-five years, I have used painting as a creative and a therapeutical tool for self-analysis and higher awareness. Each of my canvases aims to offer the viewer the pleasure of the imagination, where the viewer sees more than just a recognisable forms but find themselves through the pleasure art appreciation. Not unlike both Friedrich and Turner’s art. I aim to encourage the viewer a voyeuristic perspective to exploring hidden dialogues. A pleasure of the imagination.